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CrossFit Equipment

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About Adrienne's Classes

C'mon and burn with us! You know you want to.

Don't let the pandemic keep you locked down to the couch. Lots of folks are getting  stiff, developing 

aches and pains, and have gained lots of weight from giving up their active lifestyles. Don't let your body get weak and start to break down. Make the choice to take better care of you!

No gas required~no need to find a babysitter~it's dark and stormy out~~no problem. All you need to do is book your class and log in to your live session in the privacy and comfort of your home. No mask necessary. 100% safe and healthy!!

We will stretch, burn, sweat and build the body with a variety of high intensity, low/mid impact techniques. Enjoy cardio routines, HIIT, strength training, muscle toning, and more! From every class, you can expect a FULL body workout leaving you energized, and with great results. 


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